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Wellness Coaching: 
"An Improved You"

In our program, we believe that true wellness extends far beyond physical health; it encompasses mental clarity, emotional resilience, and spiritual harmony. Guided by experienced coaches who are passionate about your growth, we offer a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

How It Works

Find the perfect Coach in minutes

Person Scheduling NAF
Step 1

Take Assessment

Complete a 5-minute assessment to define your goals and growth areas. 

Person on the phone NAF
Step 2

Coach Outreach

A coach will review your assessment and reach out to you based on the date you selected in your survey. After confirmation of your goals, we will take you on a 6-week coaching plan free of charge. 

Planning NAF
Step 3

Choose Your Plan

After the completion of the 6-week coaching plan, we reflect on your 

achieved goals and discuss extending

the plan. 

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