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How To Have A Long Lasting Friendship?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

"Everyone Needs That One Friend They Can Depend On. "

Everyone wants to know the secret to a long lasting friendship. In this article, I am delighted to tell you that there really is no secret. I believe we are so caught up in trying to figure out something that is right in our faces; Follow these points and you can find your way to a long lasting friendship!

Be Understanding: Friends Do Not Always Talk Everyday.... And That's Okay

Have you ever heard someone say: "We haven't seen each other in forever, it's like we saw each other yesterday". This statement is true when it comes to the encounters with true friends. In most friend groups(or one's that are not real), some may become upset that they haven't seen or talked to their best friends in awhile. It is hard to defend an action like this since we must understand that life makes people busy. Just because friends have not talked in awhile, does not mean they do not care and are not supportive. Instead of expressing anger, acknowledge the space and enjoy catching up with each other. I guarantee that it is one of the best feelings seeing your friends after not hanging out for a few weeks.

Give Some Space

This would not be a post if we did not mention this. Space is always needed with friendships. The reality is that you will not see your truest of friends everyday, however, if you do then you are one lucky friend.

Piggybacking off of the last topic, we must remember that people have lives. This statement could not be any more true especially when you begin "adulting". Keep in mind that your life creating this space from your friends is completely fine.

Like any relationship, neutral space is needed, especially when you are unsure of what a person is going through at the time. You would be very surprised by what your friend tells you months or a year later regarding their mental health. It would be the wrong time to complain about your feelings for not talking for a long time, while they were going through tough times. To reiterate, give space and be understanding when it comes to those dry spells of not talking for awhile.

Stay Genuine

There is a reason you became friends with a certain group of people over others. Your friends see something special in you and vice versa. Allowing to be consistent with each others trust and always being yourself goes a long way. You will never feel the need to switch up and be someone that you are not. It is important to be genuine right out the gate so that your friends truly know who you are.



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